Explorer Paste Helper

A tool to auto-convert text file paths from the clipboard into items that can be pasted in the Windows Explorer. Main use case The Windows Photos app started to no longer make available as Paste option in Windows Explorer photos that are copied with CTRL + C. I created this small tool so that I […]

Yuri Kane – Right Back in Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano website I feel a connection with the piano as a musical instrument, however, I never followed any course in relation to it. I discovered the connection after I stumbled upon the Virtual Piano website when I was in college. The Virtual Piano website is, as the name suggests, a virtual piano that […]

Why is vânătă (eggplant) feminine in Romanian?

Started from this question on reddit about the gender of nouns in Romanian, I thought this might be interesting enough to also post here: Interesting fact… vânătă is also a feminine adjective meaning dark blue with a bit of violet, basically the color of the eggplant. The eggplant is also rarely called “pătlăgică vânătă” (“dark […]

Youtube Projector

Full details on github: https://github.com/dan-mirescu/youtube-projector2 This application is in a proof-of-concept alpha stage. Tested on Android emulator and Samsung S9 (Android) and on Windows PC (by running the Node code separately). An Android application project created for the following use case: The Android app is mostly a wrapper around a Node application which creates two […]


Full details on github: https://github.com/dan-mirescu/SpeechRecognizer SpeechRecognizer is a functional demo application for Windows designed for usage inside VR virtual desktop. Note: the application can also be used outside VR virtual desktop, however it is built with VR in mind. Why? While speech recognition already exists in Windows, it did not exist for my native language. […]

Easily run NodeJS applications on Android

Prologue I have found myself lately doing a lot of proof-of-concept applications in NodeJS using a simple web interface. And running them whenever and wherever I want seemed like a very nice idea. I could have chosen to have them hosted on a server, however I chose to run them on my Android phone because: […]