Full details on github: https://github.com/dan-mirescu/youtube-projector2

This application is in a proof-of-concept alpha stage. Tested on Android emulator and Samsung S9 (Android) and on Windows PC (by running the Node code separately).

An Android application project created for the following use case:

The Android app is mostly a wrapper around a Node application which creates two web servers:

The remote control communicates with the video player via Socket.io.

Alternately, the Node code contained within the application can be run separately on any other platform.

To use the app you will need to:

The remote control and the player web apps were intentionally developed without using latest ECMA features because both smart TV web browsers and Android webviews can have an out-of-date Javascript engine.

More instructions on how to build and run the application can be found on the github page: https://github.com/dan-mirescu/youtube-projector2

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