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I feel a connection with the piano as a musical instrument, however, I never followed any course in relation to it. I discovered the connection after I stumbled upon the Virtual Piano website when I was in college.

The Virtual Piano website is, as the name suggests, a virtual piano that can be played by pressing certain character buttons on the PC keyboard. The site provides songs by displaying the exact characters that you need to press. It is not trivial, because you need to be skilled to type fast and especially to type things that are not actual words.

After some exercise, when my first songs started to sound adequate, I felt very satisfied that my fingers were producing that song and I felt a deeper connection with the songs.

I got interested at that time in piano lessons, however I could not afford them.

Composing a Virtual Piano song

I don’t have musical studies, however with some “reverse engineering” I managed to produce the characters necessary for playing “Right back” by Yuri Kane, a song that I liked very much. I think that I found a Youtube video where a person was playing the song on audio synthesizer software and the pressed piano keys were visible. This is what I remember, because it happened some years ago. I am now posting the song in Virtual Piano format for people who might be interested after rediscovering it in my personal archives.

I have also posted this song in the past to the Virtual Piano music sheets repository, so it can be found also here:

The song / music sheet

uaGh uaof todf thos
eukh tfud yIkG ydIa
0rzk rhuf tokh tfus
eukh efud rI[ak] GrdI

[30]rIo 0rwu 0yu 0t0r
30oI 0y0t 30yu 0t0r

[30]rIo 0rwu 0yu 0t0r
30oI 0y0t 30yu 0t0r

0rIo 0rwu 8wyu 8owt
60ao 6u0y 7QaI 7yQr

37da 0owu 8wao 8u0t
60ao 6u0y 7Q[ra]I 7yQr

Alternately, I have a short version in a lower pitch:

37Qw 3750 3903 8373

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