I develop

I’m a practical software developer. I enjoy learning new software technologies and adding them to my skill set.

I am comfortable with devising small applications that suit my needs and also spend time working on complex platforms in order to increasingly improve and customize them.

I love seeing simple and efficient solutions for various problems.  I enjoy aesthetics and elegance of said solutions, but also of things around me. I also like taking inspiration from nature, be it in aesthetics or in functionality.

I am knowledge, creativity and efficiency driven. I support objectivity, sincerity and meritocracy. I despise corruption. I like to see moderation in things, but with necessary jolts in it to keep things moving in the right directions :)

I wonder

I am very interested in how the world around me functions. For example, I am amazed at the possibility that the vacuum may have its own energy and can spontaneously generate virtual particle pairs. :)

I enjoy sincere and heart-felt music and/or music which subtly evokes complex emotions. In my subjective view, that’s why I love various kinds of trance, classical, chillout, traditional music and also some pop, jazz, retro and rap music.

I used to draw suspended trains, buildings, decorative elements, light installations, fictional application UIs, comics in my free time when I was younger. You can see them on this site from place to place. :)